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Da Fink Gets It, Do The Tories?

Welcome to the inescapable era of no money | Daniel Finkelstein - Times Online

Because what British politics is going to be about in the next ten years is living with the consequences of the State being broke, of the Government running out of money.
I don't mean to make a meal of this. It's just that sometimes when I listen to the political debate, I wonder if everyone is still connected with reality. They're all busy announcing new schemes and White Papers or dreaming of tax cuts and so forth, and no one seems to talk much about the cash. La la la la (fingers in ears). ...
Every Labour government has kept its unstable coalition of leftist dreamers, truculent union men and hard-nosed managerialists together by spending money....
New Labour was made possible because steadily increasing state spending allowed important choices to be avoided. The Government could give out more in benefits to the low paid, spend cash on the NHS to cover up its failures, buy off the unions and all without alienating the middle class too badly. If it proposed market reforms, to burnish its credentials as a progressive party, it could buy off the left-wing critics with taxpayers' cash. No more. In the era of no money, the Left will have to choose. And choosing will be grim.
But things will be grim for the Right, too. Many Conservatives have lived in a dreamworld. Cutting spending would be easy. Cutting tax is a moral necessity. They are about to find out just how difficult it is even to control the amount Government pays out. Consumers of public services have rising expectations and most of the services are labour intensive. Both these things keep pushing up costs, even if government does nothing.
And Tory ideology robs them of the one escape route that the Left retains. They can't very well start putting up taxes - at least not greatly, at least not for an extended period. The party leadership is going to find it hard enough restraining the demand for tax cuts from activists and newspapers, tax cuts that the era of no money make impossible....
It will not be open to David Cameron to be the mirror image of Mr Blair - to move gently towards Tory goals while using spending to keep his opponents always, always slightly off balance. In the era of no money a much more bloody clash will prove almost impossible to avoid. The Left will not find themselves, as the Right did in 1997, confused and with little to say. The battle with the Tories over tax and public spending will seem familiar. Then again, they might like to recall that when those were the battlelines, they lost.

When the Tories get in, assuming the get a proper working majority of seats, they need to grasp the nettle quickly. They will have a short honeymoon period when they can swing the axe. If they try to do it all nicely nicely the four years will soon be up, the opposition will have regathered itself and it will be a bloody mess, and I fear that is what will happen.


I think in about a year when the Tories do get in, it will quickly become apparent to Dave, George and Ken et al quite how fucked we are, and the axe will indeed have to be swung, quite violently. The Labour client state needs culling.

Do you have _any_ idea how much money you could save if you just didn't give a flying fuck about stupid lefty shite projects?

Public services should be: Army/Navy/Air Force. Intelligence & Police (Scrap ACPO and sue the people who set it up). Doctors/Nurses and a couple of managers. Benefits safety net.

That's it. Everything else should be nothing to do with the state, most importantly education. This URGENTLY needs removing from the state.

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