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Wanted - Your View Of Scotland - 50 words max.

Words of wisdom sought to mark tenth anniversary of the Scottish Parliament - Scotsman.com News

Plans were unveiled yesterday to mark the tenth anniversary of devolution by adding a striking new quote to the 25 already on the Canongate wall. Announcing the start of the search, Alex Fergusson, the parliament's presiding officer, said: "We are asking people to nominate a well-loved or significant piece of writing that is relevant for Scotland, perhaps something that expresses how they feel about Scotland, what it means to be Scottish, or hopes for the future." Nominations can be from writers dead or alive, or even anonymous, but no more than 50 words are allowed.

"Funded by English Taxpayers" would be my suggestion, you may have others....


Scotland - Providing cheap holidays for the English and exporting political numpties for 300 years.

Wipe feet before leaving.

What is the betting that once the McInternet warms up that the word "Racist" will appear ?

Here be Miserable Bastards

Scotland sponsored by England since 1707

"Beware the Glasgow Kiss"


"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here -- just like the locals have."

You beat me to it Tally!

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