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How Well Do You Know Your Highway Code? (1970s Edition)



Doesn't a red circle mean a prohibition so a red circle around "No flares" means you are prohibited from banning flares?

I remember my first pair of Levis so well. And they were drainpipes. I think my first pair of flares were Wranglers and I also got some Brutus jeans which were worn with a horrendously large buckle and belt. My (pre-teen even) attempts at fashion were hampered by my parents refusal to let me wear platforms. The desert boots I had to wear just didn't look cool. So I wasn't that upset with the passing of flares and I happily wore straight legs for the next thirty odd years. I should have known from my stockbroking days that buying some slightly flared jeans a couple of years ago was an atavistic reversion to contra-indicating type. I might as well have called the credit cruch. That said everything does feel a bit seventies these days, don't you think.

As well as flares, I remember cowboy boots being a big thing in the late 70s. Almost if not harder to ride a bike in as flares.

We think it means flares, not flares.

Flares were originally 1960s. I have many newspaper ads for whacking great flares from 1968 and 1969. They simply stuck around and stagnated in the 1970s - because we had no dosh or imagination to do anything new. The cowboy boots "thing", according to the actual newspaper archives, was 1980s. Isn't it funny how we embellish the 1970s with fads from adjacent decades?


There must have been a second coming for the cowboy boots as I remember saving up for them when I was at school in the 70s. Hell to ride a bike on. As for flares, I guess they transitted 60s and 70s wear. I seem to recall in addition to flares and loons in the early to mid 70s, Oxford Bags had a little outing as well circa 1973ish.

Flares and loon pants were lethal if you were on a bike, unless you ruined the look completely by wearing bicycle clips.

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