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Praying for a surfeit of lampreys

Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness receive film star reception on US trade trip - Times Online
As the people of Bambridge, Co Down, prepared for today’s funeral of PC Stephen Paul Carroll, the Odd Couple of Irish politics were in the United States, declaring that it was business as usual.
A reception had been arranged at a $5.5 million (£4 million), seven-bedroom, Mediterranean-style mansion in Hancock Park - the residence of Bob Peirce, the British Consul-General A jazz trio played in the corner of the garden, illuminated by the soft glow from fairy lights wrapped around a nearby tree trunk.
The arrival of Mr McGuinness, a former leader in the Provisional IRA, in the back of a massive, chrome-rimmed, tinted-windowed Cadillac Escalade SUV - the kind favoured by rappers such as 50 Cent - bordered on the comic.
Mr McGuinness went on to inform the guests that the next day the Irish delegation would be “going to meet with senior fill-um executives”, before flying to Washington DC for a St Patrick’s Day reception at the White House, at which they will meet President Obama Both men will no doubt be acutely aware of the potential for a PR disaster as these images are broadcast back to Northern Ireland.

Martin McGuinness and the armed struggle
“I am a member of Oglaigh na Eireann [IRA] and very, very proud of it.”
To a Dublin court, on being convicted of IRA membership charges, 1973
“Everybody in Derry knows what I’ve been in the past, everybody in Ireland knows. I’m not ashamed of it. Everybody knows I was always involved in opposition to British rule in Ireland and the British occupation forces.”
Interview, 1999
“These people [Real IRA], they are traitors to the island of Ireland.” Speaking at news conference on Tuesday, alongside First Minister Peter Robinson and Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde


Maybe the Queen will invite Osama bin Laden to a garden party in Buckingham Palace. See how that fares in the US.

There is something horribly chilling about these types of stories.

There is something horribly chilling about these types of stories.

This is what happens when a nation gets rid of the death penalty.

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