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All travel plans to be tracked by Government - Telegraph

The travel plans and personal details of every holidaymaker, business traveller and day-tripper who leaves Britain are to be tracked by the Government, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Passengers leaving every international sea port, station or airport will have to supply detailed personal information as well as their travel plans. ..the rules which will require the provision of travellers' personal information such as passport and credit card details, home and email addresses and exact travel plans.

The full extent of the impact of the government's "e-borders" scheme emerged amid warnings that passengers face increased congestion as air, rail and ferry companies introduce some of the changes over the Easter holidays.
The new checks are being introduced piecemeal by the UK Border Agency. By the end of the year 60 per cent of journeys made out of Britain will be affected with 95 per cent of people leaving the country being subject to the plans by the end 2010.
Yachtsmen, leisure boaters, trawlermen and private pilots will be given until 2014 to comply with the programme.
They will be expected to use the internet to send their details each time they leave the country and would face a fine of up to £5,000 should they fail to do so.

Ever thought you had woken up and you were in a prison cell?


Firstly, this will be very expensive- but as as Da Fink points out there isn't any money.
Secondly how many government IT projects have actually worked? Why should this even more grandiose scheme work better than the rest?
Thirdly to mean anything people will be expected to report changes of plan as they go- are we to have British spies everywhere to verify this? Or are we to pay foreign governments to do this for us? And the system will have to be damned big to cope with all the revisions.
Fourthly Anyone with evil intent will circumvent the system with ease- we will have a system where honest people have difficulty traveling, but the dishonest will sail on regardless.
And lastly I mostly don't care who leaves the country- mainly I'm bothered about who comes in. I'm sure those residents of Birmingham off to join the Taliban will register their travel plans properly, just as I'm sure the Pakistani authorities have nothing better to do than verify them- but I don't care so long as they face a treason charge if they return.
Perhaps the greatest danger is that the authorities might be deluded into thinking that their computer printouts have some relation to the real world.

It is a battle from-the-cradle-to-the-God-damn-grave over here, too:


What happens if my (legitimate} travel plan runs along the lines of:

"Well, I'm just going to bum around the Aegean for a few months until the money runs out; no plans except to just go wherever the wind blows".

Will I not be allowed to go???

This is absolutely nothing to do with terrorism or security (why do you want to stop scumbags leaving the country FFS?); this about swindling British tax payers and pensioners out of their life savings or pathetic allowances if they dare to try and escape Labour’s green unpleasant land for a little while, and only a short step away from internal passports and exit visas.

The Berlin wall never fell, it just relocated a few hundred miles to the west.

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