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Iain Dale Outrage That Press Reveal Miliband Has A Girlfriend

Iain Dale's Diary: Ed Miliband Is Innocent, OK?

Stories like this are from the school of thought that assumes all politicians are on the make or easy to influence in a malign way.

I plead guilty, but then I'm not an insider like Iain.


I always knew them females wuz nuthin' but trouble!

It's a difficult one, actually; but I'd have thought that anyone with an ounce of sense (okay, that does rather eliminate most if not all of the Cabinet!) would have declared the interest and made alternative arrangements regarding the decision-making process. It's what we would be expected to do on local councils.

Beyond that: I am aware that it is normal practice for individuals to become couples (except for saddos like me) which is why the business of interests with "partners" or whatever is well-established procedure and rules/guidance. It shouldn't be exactly difficult to handle properly.

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