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Christian Aid for Hansen

Plan B: scientists get radical in bid to halt global warming ‘catastrophe’ - Times Online
THE director of a Nasa space laboratory will this week lead thousands of climate change campaigners through Coventry in an extraordinary intervention in British politics.

James Hansen plans to use Thursday’s Climate Change Day of Action to put pressure on Gordon Brown to wake up to the threat of climate change....The protest, being organised by Christian Aid, will involve a New Orleans-style funeral march by “mourners” for future lost generations.

Hansen is just one of a number of leading researchers who believe that scientists must get out of their laboratories and campaign on climate change.

They say researchers have spent nearly two decades producing high-quality research demonstrating that the world risks dangerous warming - yet political inaction means CO2 emissions are rising faster than ever.

Even the Met Office, which traditionally has been one of the government’s most conservative research institutions, has become quietly radical over climate.

It sent a team of its top climate scientists to the Copenhagen meeting - backing them with a team of publicists who lobbied journalists intensively to maximise coverage of their research.

Others have used scientific publications to make overtly political points. Professor Kevin Anderson, director of the Tyndall Centre, the government’s leading global warming research centre, recently used the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, one of the world’s most respected academic journals, to call for a “planned global recession” to cut carbon emissions.

BAH! I'm off to The local Game Fair - I will be mighty tempted by any weapons I see for sale...


Science by press release. From the "science editor" who warned us that the CERN collider might blow up Earth. CO2-linked-to-climate-change has been around longer than most suspect: after the American Civil War, charlatan "rain maker" types sold their services in drought areas for setting off blasts of gunpowder, claiming it was quite scientific by noting that during or shortly after a number of battles it rained.

Our planet got warmer. CO2 was rising. Q.E.D., as correlation must mean causation. The IPCC and many others claim this. Then Nina and Nino shift, temps go down - and are forecast to continue to do so for a few decades - and the excuse is that these well-known cyclic phenomena were simply never put into the CO2 models, as they had nothing to do with human influence on climate, which is all IPCC is suppsed to look at. Same for solar cycles: after raising the temperature some 500+ degrees it is totally impossible for Sol to affect temperature by another degree or two [in either direction] because only humans affect temperature/climate...

Unlike Professor Lomborg, I do not much agree with the scale of the Anthro part of limate Change. But I quite agree with him when he says his proposals are orders of magnitude less expensive than the political ones now being proposed, and also that most of his ideas will be effective whichever way global temperature goes.

And yes, I would like our CO2 emissions to remain about what they are or even be reduced. But no, I am not in favor of killing off a third or more of humans and [domestic] animals to achieve it. And since I am (unlike the current President of my country) already inclined to keep my home at under seventy degrees Fahrenheit in winter, I am unwilling to reduce the temp of my home another ten-to-twenty degrees.

Attracted by sufi studies I became muslim in the Peace Corps in Morocco, in 1979, when I made /shahada/ (declaration of faith) there, in the Spanish Mosque in Old Fes. Be that as it may, I note with regret to-day that science has now descended to the level of any other religion, merely, and is battling in the gutter for state protection and subvention along with the rest of the canaille. Great human enterprises dealing in categories of experience not always hermetically distinct from one another are now locked in suicidal episodes of name-calling and bombardment. When in fact we need badly ALL of the information we can get, these fundamentalist prancings in all quarters amount to cultural and moral despair. No doubt it has to do to a great extent with the palliative entertainment needs of the halfwits, and of all who flip the wall switch without knowing about Maxwell, leave alone his equations. Religion, so often the domain of the mentally lazy therefore, is bad enough as we all can see for ourselves from the news everyday. But now, alas, what passes for 'science', irremediably entangled in technology and gimmicks and mad for the public cash of tertiary and exhausted quarternary elaboration, is a political football also. Inasmuch nothing new has been said in the field since Turing nigh on sixty years ago, and since all gene-splicing is mere fidgetting, we are left with the remorseful and anxious, melancholy, question, where can this all end up?

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