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Teacher's Leaders Slam Success

Schools risk becoming Tesco-style identikits, warns teachers' leader - Telegraph

I'm not in favour of central control of schools but isn't it ironic that if our schools were as successful as Tescos then we wouldn't have a problem.


In making this comparison they clearly don't understand how Tesco works. There are three key drivers:

1) Giving the customer what they want and where they want it. Daily measurement of what customers are buying in each INDIVIDUAL store and adapting the products stocked in EACH INDIVIDUAL STORE to match what is being demanded.
2) Easy access to customer comments in store, and public responses and actions to what customers suggest
3) Staff encouraged to interact with customers and use personal discretion to meet reasonable customer requests.

The Tesco approach is the complete antithesis of the centrally driven, we know what is best for you, basis on which UK public education is run.

We would be much better off if they did use the Tesco approach

PS I forgot a fourth element. Senior management including Board members spend time in store on the till and stacking shelves so that they can see first hand what goes on - But then would you trust Ed Balls in your children's classroom?

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