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Eradicating Bugs From Your Bins

Two million households now have spy devices in their bins - Telegraph

Make that 1,999,999 as mine fell out, I suggest you examine the charmingly named "chip nest" on yours.


Just went out and checked the new ones that arrived here (in New Zealand) a month or two back and compared them to the photos in your other article.

Fancy that! There's a recess much like the one your RFID chip was in under the lip. On all three of the ones they gave us (rubbish, compost and recyclables). No chips there though.

(I suspect that when they do show up, there will be a few super-glued to some rubbish trucks round here)

Further to that, just did a search on "chip nest" on Google. Does yours look anything like this? (6th one down)


If so, someone with a bit more knowledge of electronics than I have might be able to use this info.


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