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Carbon what?

Shoppers still recognise the importance of reducing carbon emissions in spite of recession - Times Online
Harry Morrison, chief executive of the Carbon Trust, sympathises. “I understand this sentiment that for some businesses, survival is critical now. But from an environmental perspective, the clock is ticking — we don't have much time. In addition, cutting carbon has an immediate bottom-line effect as costs drop, and a medium-term benefit for the brand.”
But there seems to be a stumbling block in how businesses can let their customers know about the good work that they are doing to curb carbon.
B&Q has gone one step further at its new flagship store in New Malden, southwest London. Visitors sipping a coffee in the café can look through glass panels to admire the solar panels and wind turbine that are helping to cut the store's carbon emissions.

Excellent news, carbon is dirty black stuff, we don't want B&Q letting the dust from its BBQ charcoal blow about the place, though I'm not sure how solar panels and wind turbines stop the grit spreading, or am I missing something?


The Carbon Trust.

Oh yeah, we can all guess what kind of organisation that is, can't we.


From their web site: "The Carbon Trust, a government-funded independent company..."

Don't they know an oxymoron when they see one?


At just what place on Earth is ">.. cutting carbon has an immediate bottom-line effect as costs drop" true? The only one I can think of off-hand would be for DeBeers et al to empty the vaults, rather than keeping gem-quality diamonds at a premium price to subsidize industrial-quality diamonds.

No, you're not missing something. Carbon is one of the most inert substances known to man which is why it's ... no, that wasn't it. Bit of a Prak moment there ...

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