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Climate / Sun Activity Correlation

Quick primer:

Beryllium-10 is an isotope that is a proxy for the sun’s activity. Be10 is produced in the atmosphere by cosmic ray collisions with atoms of oxygen and nitrogen. Beryllium 10 concentrations are linked to cosmic ray intensity which can be a proxy for solar strength....

Plotted up and annotated, the ... data shows the strong relationship between solar activity and climate. Instead of wading through hundreds of papers for evidence of the Sun’s influence on terrestrial climate, all you have to do is look at this graph.


All the major climate minima are evident in the Be10 record, and the cold period at the end of the 19th century. This graph alone demonstrates that the warming of the 20th century was solar-driven....


In related news, Pen Hadow's latest arctic jaunt seems to be in trouble

There you go, bringing those silly facts into the climate change debate again...

I agree...and, disagree. There can be no doubt that we, critters all, are a part of Nature and natural cycles. This time around I expect that we ARE indeed burning coal and so forth to beat Hell and thus adding to the rate of rate of climate change. There is doubtless latent the usual evolutionary thrust, also. It is this last, the concept of evolution as hyet not wholly grasped, that drives on the positive side the various schemes of planned (sic) and deliberate (sic) coping. Alas, in terms of our political evolution this promises on the face of it only more tyranny! I for one am a great fan temperamentally of "aesthetic drift" and variety of response and competiton and all that, and hence libertarian. But just maybe something else bodes in the end and, now that intelligence (somewhat) is established in the Universe in our persons, it may be there is something ahead beyond human being. Accordingly, all of the "One World" misery in the immediate offing is but another station on the way of this particular little crucifixion. Yuck (needless to say!) But...quien sabe?

Would you at least label the axis?

I once read a comment on a website from a guy who based his belief/definition on "Man-made global warming" on the "fact" that he'd recently been to a party, and noticed how a crowded room, full of "man" made the room warmer.

He took the "man-made" portion of the term literally. (It was good for a laugh.) Because of his anecdotal experience, he was convinced that "Man made global warming" was real.

The idea of dropping a single drop of boiling water into an ocean, not having any effect on the temperature of the ocean, was a concept of scale that he (obviously) could not understand.

Burning coal may make a local building dirty and smelly and cause warmer temperatures near where it is billowing, but the atmosphere is equivalent to the size of the drop of water in an ocean, compared to all that coal.

We're not that important/significant, despite many who desire to make man that important. Termites and trees have us beat.

All you're showing is that there's a correlation between the two. Not that one causes the other. It may be so, but you actually need to prove it.

I am in no case any great fan of the rush to regulate, especially when it is a matter of "regulators" with no better morals than, for instrance, mine! Otherwise, I do perceive that Nature, its creatures, conceivably could be transported so to speak onto another scale, say the electronic, with a much better signal-to-noise ratio than all of this messy molecularity.

No false modesty now, Mme du Toit! The anthropic cosmological principles have something to say about that. And, now that we (natural little critters that we ARE) are just breaking into the electronic realm with these primitive computers, why ever shouldn't we, ourselves, go there, lock, stock & NuLabour SOB?

Actually, not only is anecdote a needed antidote to a factitious and debatable "objectivity," it is the sine qua non of all well-rounded and balanced perception. Scientific scepticism is all well and good as long as one is also sceptical of doubt as some ding an sich. But now that what passes for science as I have demonstrated conclusively elsewhere IS descended into mere religion and fourth-rate tertiary elaboration of now-stale discoveries, it is time to draw the line. We as Libertarians must first and last deny any final authority to /all/ would-be authoritarians. When "they" condition you or me to sneer against anecdote, they are trying brutally to sever us from the taproot of our own individual sound and good instincts, our personal experiences and perceptions, and cower around in front of witchdoctors. Subjectivity in fact is the rule, just as ad hominem argument is always the decisive argument. These are mere facts of our human species and condition. Likewise we have been burning coal and whatever to beat Hell for good long time now, and the real question only is whether we will go on with it or not? Given enough oxidation, the inevitable individual of genius with the wealth thus created will be able finally to accomplish the gauge shift alluded above. Literally, it will be then a matter of recreating the whole of past and present Nature on a far-tidier basis. Only without the necessary storytelling selfabsorption, and a vital sense of a "third factor" at play in all cases, that same individual of genius will miss the busbar...every time!

Just to show you that MY heart is in the right place, anyway:


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