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State Prodnoses Coming Your Pub

'Snoops' to nag their friends to live healthier lives - Telegraph

Public health "mentors" will be enlisted by the NHS to offer 'on the spot' advice in their local neighbourhood when they see people smoking, eating or drinking too much.
Eating a third fried breakfast of the week in the office canteen, having a drink 'for the road' at your local pub or chain-smoking another cigarette while waiting for the bus could all see the mentors spring into action to offer the Government's advice.
Volunteer attend training sessions where they are taught how to offer appropriate advice on health issues including how to become more active, have a better diet, stop smoking and reduce stress.

Reduce the stress of not being nagged and ordered about presumably. Do they also receive advice on how to deal with a bleeding nose and an earful of abuse?


And they'll be spying on you to ensure you don't do anything unhealthy in the pub.

If they are not a doctor or nurse, what cause and qualification have they for giving out health advice? What liabilities will they shoulder if the advice they give turns out to be wrong?

I do not need or want a mentor. I am an adult.

"Do they also receive advice on how to deal with a bleeding nose and an earful of abuse?"

This is gonna keep A&E busy!! (I'm actually kinda looking forward to the day one of these prodnoses 'advises' me not to smoke or eat that bacon butty!)

Will they be issued badges?

If one tells you not to take aspirin because it is the manufactured pill rather than a willow-bark tisane are you permitted to beat him/her with the national directory of physicians?

It's easy to be hyperbolic about these sorts of things, but doesn't this remind anyone of the State-sanctioned snitches they have on every block in countries like Cuba?

This can't possibly be true? Although i think we have some serious issues the last thing we need is the state having monitors looking at what we eat, smoke and drink! Nanny state or what!

If my office gets one of those I will enjoy eating my iced raisin buns, and Cadbury creme eggs, and carrot cake, and flapjacks, in front of their desk.
And if he/she opens his/her mouth to comment, I shall point out that I am the same weight now as I was forty years ago.

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