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Darling Cash In The Attic Search

Thousands of Whitehall posts must go to protect health and schools - Times Online

Alistair Darling has demanded a further clampdown on Whitehall departments, in the first sign of a much tougher spending squeeze as public finances continue to deteriorate, The Times has learnt.

Oh he is still here is he? I had quite forgotten he existed. I suppose he will scweam and scweam until he he sicks but the finances are so buggered up that paperclip savings are irrelevant and the Civil Service know he is a lame duck so they will just shuffle the paper at him and protect their own.


As there is more fat in the public-expenditure budget in the devolved nations, I wonder if the Finance Minister for England (the Scottish MP Alistair Darling) has considered insulating the English people from some of the worst effects of the cuts by imposing proportionally higher cuts in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - bringing spending in those countries down to English levels. Now would be a great opportunity to redress the Barnett inequalities, wouldn't it? But doh! We're just ahead of an election, dummy; so the needs of the United Kingdom (= the re-electability of Brown, Darling and their cohorts) must come first! No schools or hospitals, please - we're English.

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