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IE8 With Added Porn Mode

Internet Explorer 8: More secure, private, and reliable

When checking e-mail at an Internet café or shopping for a gift on a family PC, you don't want to leave any trace of specific web browsing activity. InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer 8 helps prevent your browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser, leaving no evidence of your browsing or search history. Yea, yea, yea - we all know what it is really for..

I haven't tried the new Porn Mode yet but the general impression is that the new IE8 is very fast and works very well. (I expect there will be an Apple Addict along in a minute to point out its faults though...)


An incognito "Porno-mode" first appeared in the Chrome browser distributed by Google. IE is as always, lagging behind.

At least it's not Safari...

It might be faster than previous IE incarnations but it's javascript engine is still many times slower than the latest FF, Chrome and Safari releases, and I'd be willing to bet good money it has 10x as many security holes as those browsers also.

It seems good, but I really suggest you try Google Chrome. It feels very light to use on the PC and it's become my browser of choice for most things. Firefox still has some uses, though.

Firefox or Safari please.

...actually Safari on the Mac has had this mode for some time. I had wondered what it was for! Thanks for enlightening me.

I tried that Chrome thing from Google and it was utterly ghastly. Like a sort of Fisher Price browser for the little ones.

/me sticks with Opera

I'll add a second vote for Opera. Most new whizzy features (e.g. tabs) originate on Opera anyway.

Google Chrome phones home

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