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Ice with a slice please.

Scientists drill deep into Greenland ice for global warming clues from Eemian Period - Times Online

Scientists are to dig up ice dating back more than 100,000 years in an attempt to shed light on how global warming will change the world over the next century.
The ice, at the bottom of the Greenland ice sheet, was laid down at a time when temperatures were 3C (5.4F) to 5C warmer than they are today.
With temperatures forecast to rise by up to 7C in the next 100 years, the ice more than 8,000ft (2,400m) below the surface is thought by researchers to hold valuable clues to how much of the ice sheet will melt.

If it was so much warmer then and the ice sheet melted how come there is ice still there for them to sample?
As ever it won't be the data they come up but the spin that is spun with it that matters.


Gosh, I was unaware that there were autos and coal-fired energy plants 100k years ago! Can't wait to see if tech we do not have was in use, and how our forebears managed to reduce Global Warm spells!

After all, all "Climate Change" - especialy warming - is completely owing to humans and our CO2 production, right? The lack of warming over the last decade or so despite increasing human-produced CO2 proves the models were correct to ignore other influences, just ask Dr. James Hansen!

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