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Theo ology in Oxford

Running late this morning as I succumbed to turning on the television last night which is a rare event for me. But my old tutors at Oxford had suggested I catch Lewis on ITV to admire the beauties of Oxford and play the "that doesn't belong there" game. I was pleasantly surprised it was almost as good as Morse and they were certainly right about the pulcritude of the place (or even pulchritude as the Americans would have it, I of course prefer the original spelling.)

The opening scene featured winter on the river bank, lovely; picture below...

Katia Winter


Now that is the way to start the week...pip pip!


Funnily enough I would also have spelt it with an "h" based simply on the Latin. Still the perils of a part classical education.

Where on earth do you get the spelling without an H from? It's from Latin pulcher and has always been pulchritude in my experience and extensive reading. Googling gets 165,000 results for the spelling with an H, 12,800 without. Yes, I know that's not a conclusive argument, but it's suggestive.

The next thing we know you'll be dropping rough breathings from your Greek citations...

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