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Tim Teeman Disses Stable Love Affairs

This tide of bigotry should not go uncensured | Tim Teeman - Times Online
...equated gay sex with having sex with donkeys. Do those in authority not condemn this?... So much bigotry is tied up with an obsession about gay sex, but to conflate what people do in bed with their human rights makes as little sense as comparing homosexuality with bestiality...
No one likes being told what to say, and gays don't want “special rights”, but equality. So, as with racism, a law preventing incitement to hatred on sexual orientation should have no exceptions at all.

So why are you being rude about the donkey buggers then? Isn't that a sexual orientation that needs protection from hurtful comments as well? Slippery slope ruling against the freedom to say what you want to isn't it?


Do you know how difficult it is to find a donkey over the age of 21 anyway?

It is straight men and priests of all religions who are child abusers. Look in your own back yard Mrs Robinson you fucking hypocrite.

There should never be a law against criticising homosexuals. Politicians are perfectly within their rights to make complete idiots of themselves and get voted out, doesn't bother me in the slightest.

No more queer jokes? What's next? No more jokes about darkies?

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