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The Fundamental Flaws Of The Government's Databases

ContactPoint’s failure is a symptom of a wider disease - Times Online
Technology moves fast. Governments do not. Those in the know are not in the least surprised that ContactPoint has been halted. The Government’s databases are in a mess.
A scathing report, published by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust yesterday, found that the most of the Government’s databases have “significant problems and may be unlawful”. ContactPoint was one of the systems said to be “fundamentally flawed”. ContactPoint’s failure is a symptom of a wider disease.
The problem is that the Government is rarely at the forefront of technological advances and therefore is liable to be sold shoddy goods. The report stated: “One noticeable effect is that the UK public sector always appears to get sold whatever technology or methodology is just going out of fashion in the private sector.”

But press on regardless eh? Stamping and cataloguing the peasants, there is no time to lose...


I've worked for the government a lot in my life. The issue is not they get sold old technology but they insist on a full life cycle definition right down to part numbers etc. and plans over twenty five years including disposal for massive projects by the time that has been done they they tweak and fiddle with it and finally approve it. Always late btw. The parts are obsolete. The vendors are not allowed to change them because, well they are approved parts now. It's government process that screws up government contracts. Nothing is done in a timely manner and the suppliers get the blame. They only supply what is asked. It's laughable.

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