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A World Fit For Old Etonians

Eugenics Watch

Eugenics is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created unequal and the food is running short; that, in the struggle for food, those who have an inherited advantage prevail and pass the advantage on to their children who prevail even more; that this is how evolution, Yale and the English aristocracy happened. A further belief is that, at this point in evolution, the more evolved must take destiny and the less evolved in hand. Selection must not be left to chance for chance is cruel, capricious and, all too often, expensive but must instead be led by the kindly elite - Harvard professors, British aristocrats, Serbian psychiatrists, Aryans and so on.

As Jonathon Porritt says :Absolutely love the new campaign from the Optimum Population Trust: (PDF) do your bit for addressing climate change by having fewer children – or even no children. ..

You’d have thought I’d advocated compulsory sterilisation, emasculation, euthanasia, and baby-slaughtering all in one fell swoop. Melanie Philips likened me to Pol Pot and Hitler (who was “green” after all!), and when Fox News in the US got hold of the story, every religious nutcase with nothing better to do crawled out from under their stones to suggest the best thing I could do to help address population pressure would be to top myself. Instantly. Logic and sound evidence were not much in evidence.


Population control is intertwined with the idea of Global Governance, which is what AGW is about.


"Gorbachev's State of the World Forum convened in San Francisco, September 27, 1995. Though not an official UN function, the Forum was designed to advance global governance. Forum President and founder of the Christic Institute, Jim Garrison, told the San Francisco Weekly, "We are going to end up with world government . . . we have to govern and regulate human interaction." Gorbachev told the hand-picked audience of celebrities and dignitaries that "we are giving birth to the first Global Civilization." Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's National Security Advisor, (now Foreign Policy Adviser to Obama), told the audience that "regionalism" must precede world government. New-age guru, Sam Keen received enthusiastic applause for his pronouncement:

“If we cut the world's population by 90%, there won't be enough people left to do ecological damage.”"

The Forum's agenda called for the transfer of all armaments to the UN, the initiation of global taxation, stricter population control programs, and the elimination of nationalism and national borders. The highlight of the event was a joint presentation by Gorbachev, former President George Bush, and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Perhaps if we started by killing all eugenics supporters...

I'm sure they'd see it as a noble sacrifice, anyway.

There are no mechanisms in recorded history by which a population declines 50% in under a century except war, genocide, famine, pestilence or ethnic cleansing. if Porritt means what he says, then AT LEAST ONE of those outcomes must befall the UK in order to cut its population to 30 million. If Porritt does not know this, he is stupid and can be ignored. If he does, he is wicked and can be shunned.

I wouldn't want Porritt to kill himself instantly. I'd sooner he waited until the next Green rally, and killed himself then. With a very large suicide bomb.

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