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No One Died So Important Safety Campaign Launched

Electrical socket safety covers are "absurd and dangerous" say engineers - Telegraph

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is campaigning for the safety covers to be banned. It says that the covers, used by thousands of parents to stop their children poking their fingers into a socket, are not just a waste of money but are also potentially dangerous.

Though it admits there are no cases of any children being harmed by socket covers...

Adam Hart-Davis, the television broadcaster who specialises in promoting science, said: "I normally refuse to join in campaigns – I get asked to do so about once a week – but this seemed so important, and the 'safety' covers so absurd and dangerous, that I agreed. I do think someone should do something, since children's lives could be put at risk'.

...the IET argues that there have been no cases of children being harmed from sockets that have been left uncovered since a new generation of sockets were introduced in 1990.

So socket covers are unnecessary but reassure parents who don't like to see Jimmy sticking an HB into the live hole. They are cheap and no one has been hurt, haven't these people got anything better to worry about?


All modern sockets (that is to say, those manufactured in the last thirty years or so) have shutters over the live and neutral terminals anyway, which only open when a plug is inserted.

That's why the earth pin on the plug is longer than the others*.

So little Johnny would need to manipulate (quite carefully and strongly) at least two long sharp metal implements before he would be exposed to any danger.

* Of course that's not to say the EU is not about to mandate some inferior dangerous type of plug and socket, like they did with the colour-coding on fire extinguishers**. Tell me they're not, please.

** In case you don't know, different sorts used to be different colours, so you knew what to grab for electrical fires, oil fires, paper fires, etc. Now, thanks to an EU directive, they are all red, so you may well use the wrong type and kill yourself.

Meanwhile, out here in the productive sector, there is a serious shortage of trained engineers.

Damn! When your own profession gets into the fake charity and quango game you know things are phuqued.

Even before its change of name, the so-called "Institute of Electrical Engineers" seemed to be little more than a bunch of politically-correct management-bullshitter types promoting excessively complicated poor engineering. I used to be a member (my employer generally expects, and refunds, such things) but the endless stream of "journals" resembling Greenpeace propaganda became too much of an embarressment and irritation and I packed it in.

Where were this bunch of incompetent yes-men when our British wiring colours were being scrapped to be replaced by inferior (and, in my mind, dangerous) new international "harmonised" colours? Out there promoting the change, that's where. Maybe it's because the change helped with enforcement of the ludicrous new Part P of the building regulations, which after all is a great money-spinning exercise for them. Brown, black, grey: dull colours of a dull standard from a dull committee of dullards.

The IET recruits the output of already-defective university engineering courses and further encourage them to become second-rate computer programmers or just plain, boring managers. It poisons their minds with "career progression" drivel, box-ticking "competency" targets (nothing to do with competence, nor engineering for that matter) and the likes. Many of these people would struggle to recognise a soldering iron or screwdriver, yet they attain the supposedly coveted "Chartered Engineer" status. No wonder engineering in this country is struggling. It's time to ditch this "Institution" for good.

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