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RSPB Wants More Eagle Slicers

RSPB warning as wind turbines kill sea eagles - Environment - The Independent - 28 Jan 2006
Sea eagles, among Europe's most magnificent birds, are being killed by the turbines of a Norwegian wind farm, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said. The discovery of four dead eagles on Smola, an island with 68 turbines six miles off north-west Norway, and failure of almost 30 others to return to nests on the island, have increased concerns that wind farms in Britain could kill wild birds, the RSPB said.

RSPB to build wind farms on its bird reserves - Telegraph - 06 Dec 2008
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is drawing up plans that will see wind turbines constructed on its estates as part of a new green energy drive.

RSPB conflict of interest over wind turbines
, 19 February 2009

RSPB calls for more UK wind farms - 24 March 2009

There should be a significant increase in the number of wind farms built onshore in the UK, the RSPB has said.
It called for an end to the "needless delays" that beset wind farm projects


Sounds to me as if the RSPB just want to jump on the green gravy train, make some money out of wind power stations and are prepared to accept a few birds getting killed or disturbed.

I have taken to linking to your post, with accreditation, and trust you don't mind.


Could this be another fake charity we all ask! Pushing the "greeny" agenda using tax money. Where are the Caruty Commissioners when needed?


Could this be another fake charity we all ask! Pushing the "greeny" agenda using tax money. Where are the Charity Commissioners when needed?


Sorry, just done some gardening, fingers not working well. Edited now.

Sorry: "Endangered Sea Eagles Killed By Wind Farms" ranks up there on the Irony Scale with "AIDS Cure Found In Dolphin Livers".

Yes it is a fake charity - one of the biggest and worst.

It's just trumpeting the government's view, which is itself conflicted, confused, and contradictory.

So no surprises there, really.

Dang! Mr Buxton beat me to the question. Still, Mr Duffin provides the answer which explains the change of heart; there's nothing like a wodge of taxpayer gelt to ease the conscience, is there?

Well what an about turn by the RSPB eh?? Below is an extract from the 'RSPB View section of their website from May 2008:
"In our crowded country, we need as much nature as we can hang on to – and we need a vibrant network of special sites for wildlife as the cornerstone of our nature protection strategy."

Now they want to add to the visual and audible intrusion caused by wind 'power stations' by condoning an increase in the number of developments across the UK.

We will not be renewing our subscription this year and I hope we are not alone in ceasing to support yet another unofficial government mouthpiece.

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