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Convinces Me

BBC NEWS | Saltwater at home- Writer's idea to persuade climate change sceptics
Can a simple idea help make the world a better place?
Bangladeshi writer Tahmima Anam suggests randomly piping saltwater into homes....

There are still many climate change sceptics out there.
In order to address the scepticism, which I believe is a result of a failure of the imagination, I propose that all citizens of countries that have high per capita carbon emissions have saltwater randomly piped into their homes.
The saltwater will arrive without warning, with complete disregard for whether or not the people in those homes are themselves high carbon emitters.


BLOG NEWS | Random pain - blog commenter's idea to get eco-loons to shut up
Can a simple act of extreme violence make the world a less annoying place?
Costa Rica-based blog commenter David Gillies suggests randomly breaking the thumbs of millenarian eco-loons with a lump hammer…

There are still many fluorescent green eco-freaks out there. In order to get them to shut the hell up and stop badgering us from dawn to dusk, I propose that any time some self-elected Green Fascist goon starts hectoring us about enviro-wibble, one of his equally annoying confreres is held down and his thumbs smashed with a 3lb hammer. The hammering will arrive without warning, with complete disregard for whether the eco-loon receiving the punishment has opened his gob recently.

What do you do when your case has no real proof? Poison those who don't agree with you! Pure genius!

How about getting all the whack jobs who believe in this anthropogenic climate change mallarkey to go eat carbon credits for a month to see if that cures their fat headedness.

I should imagine that in some parts of Bangladesh... randomly piping saltwater into homes would be a vast improvement!

We pay for this rubbish through the TV licence tax and the third of a billion or so in taxpayer subsidy for free licences. Get rid of this outdated institution now.

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