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How Very Dare You! Question a Labour Whip's Second Home Allowance

MP with two homes minutes from Commons claims £37,000 expenses

A GOVERNMENT whip was today embroiled in the growing expenses row after claiming thousands of pounds for a second London home despite already having one within 10 miles of Westminster.
Assistant government whip Dawn Butler has claimed £37,245 in taxpayers' cash in two years to pay for a second property.
Speaking at her Wembley home today, Ms Butler declined to answer questions from The Standard about her use of the second home allowance. She said: "I totally resent you coming to my private home. Have some respect. How dare you."

Quite, how very dare you question me spending your money...


Perhaps someone should point out to Ms Butler that if it was paid for from her second home allowance, that house is actually "ours" not "hers".

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