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The Misuse of Anti-terror Laws

POOP SNOOPERS - mirror.co.uk

Counter-terror powers to spy on people have been used 10,333 times by councils for things as trivial as dog fouling.
The 10,333 council operations also targeted benefit fraud, fly tipping, theft and graffiti damage.
Just nine per cent of them led to a successful prosecution, caution or fixed-penalty notice.
Ministers are now promising to carry out a review to ensure the powers are not abused.
10,333 Number of times town halls used anti-terror laws to spy on people
0 Number of times town halls used anti-terror laws in terror offences

Council spying: List of odd uses for anti-terror powers - Telegraph

My favourite - "establishing the identities of those taking fairy lights from a Christmas tree"


What of fibre, er, fiber optic sensors under the inside rim of the toilet pan, with gasometric imaging, in order to identify which of the sods are still eating entirely too much red meat, and fine them differentially, for the farts, source of same and the global warming campaign costs? A sort of three-tiered fee sked....

Emmett, I had a similar idea but yours is funnier.

Mine is that such info is probably on NHS computer databases already, and just how anti-snoop can they be considering even MoD keeps losing unencrypted laptops, disks, etc.?

And no, being in the US rather than the UK does not make me feel safer. For example, not many peopke know it but for a year now every baby born n hospital here has had its DNA sampled and added to a national database. Scary...

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