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BBC still ignoring Hannan speech

My speech to Gordon Brown goes viral :: Daniel Hannan

The internet has changed politics - changed it utterly and forever. Twenty-four hours ago, I made a three-minute speech in the European Parliament, aimed at Gordon Brown. I tipped off the BBC and some of the newspaper correspondents but, unsurprisingly, they ignored me...Breaking the press monopoly is one thing. But the internet has also broken the political monopoly. It's all a bit unsettling for professional journalists and politicians. But it's good news for libertarians of every stripe. Lefties have always relied on control, as much of information as of physical resources. Such control is no longer technically feasible.

I should have linked earlier but everyone else had so I assumed you had already watched it, was I correct? With nearly 600,000 views by this morning it seems I was, and even some of the dinosaur press is noticing it now - but not of course the BBC


A mention was made as part of the Today program yesterday on the paliamentary spot at 8.40 on long wave. They had a snippet from Hannan's speech.

You are ahead of yourself. I posted at 8:00 AM.

"A mention was made as part of the Today program yesterday on the paliamentary spot at 8.40 on long wave".

So, that reached another 8 people.

The Snowball must roll.

"Such control is no longer technically feasible."

Ah, but it is feasible. Be on the lookout for more regulations that place restrictions on web sites - all in the name of protecting the public of course. China has had great success with this strategy.

Tried to view the speech on youtube here in China today but - guess what - they have entirely blocked this site - wow, now that's control.

It was on the 5 - 6 pm news prog, Radio 4, yesterday but late on and after a tediously boring piece which lasted forever but which was so memorable that I can't remember anything about it. You had to be a hardened listener to be around still after that.

Why would a speech made in the European Parliament warrant coverage on mainstream news programmes? Hannan himself said as much & was bemused by its internet popularity when interviewed on channel 4 news.

Channel 4 news also pointed out inaccuracies in his speech & the quote "borrowed" from John Smith. Internet popularity is an indicator not of substance, but of hype. More heated engagements occur in Parliament on a daily basis & few are singled out for news coverage. It was not a "blistering attack", it just seemed to be in the less confined & less cosy confines of the European Parliament building...it is not what Hannan said, but where he said it. One is reminded of the housewife berating a politician on the streets of his constituency...context is all.

Well we all know that the BBC was Blairs Broadcasting Company now its Browns. The only time the ordinary people of the UK are of any use to the BBC is when it comes to paying their licence fee money. There was an opinion poll on one of the broadband providers which simply said "Should the licence fee for the BBC be scrapped" 97% said yes. You let them know that its going to be scrapped you watch the Labour backside lickers change their tune.

The today programme has more listeners than anyone else I thought - certainly more than who watch sky or bbc news on tv.
so it's hardly 8 people is it. stop trying to make up a conspiracy - why don't you try looking into the Rover debacle, or PPP, or the quangos - stuff which is really affecting people and ripping us all off, not some poxy shouting match

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