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Science Exams; Are They? A: Leaf B: Easier C: A Mammal

Exam regulator Ofqual: science GCSE is dumbed down - Times Online
GCSE boards must act immediately to improve the quality of science questions in order to stretch and challenge students, the exam regulator said yesterday. It said that the qualification had been dumbed down, with too many multiple choice papers and superficial questions.
A controversial new GCSE in single science, which was intended to make the subject more relevant to teenagers, raised “significant cause for concerns” about standards, Ofqual said.

Well done, years after everyone else noticed the official body admits the bleeding obvious, and now it will take five years to change it all again....


We should never have allowed the combined science subject at secondary level anyway, that is only suitable for primary school pupils.

If they can't cope with individual Physics, Chemistry and Biology at secondary level, we shouldn't be given them a qualification and kidding them that they know anything about science, they don't.

All we have done is devalue the grades awarded to the kids who are bright, and have a genuine interest.

Well, it's only one more generation of proles up the chute after all. Who gives a fuck about that eh?

Just so long as they all know about globull warmening and nootrishun and relayshunship ishoos it's all to the good...

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