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The Greatest Human Being That Ever Lived (and you've probably never heard of him)

A day late but worth celebrating.

Hit & Run > Norman Borlaug, Happy 95th Birthday! - Reason Magazine

One of the true giants of our time, plant breeder and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Norman Borlaug turns 95 today (March 26 2009). Borlaug is the person who has saved more human lives than anyone in history. How? He was the father of the "Green Revolution" that more than doubled crop productivity in the 1960s and 1970s thus averting the massive global famines predicted by many doomsayers

A quote of his..."If some consumers believe that it's better from the point of view of their health to have organic food, God bless them. Let them buy it. Let them pay a bit more. It's a free society. But don't tell the world that we can feed the present population without chemical fertilizer. That's when this misinformation becomes destructive..."

Oh for more like him.


If the Greens ever came to power, Borlaug would no doubt be shot.

All the more reason to admire him.

The great Dr Borlaug on 'Bullshit'. When Penn Jillette had his readio show a few years ago they had the whole hour less breaks with Borlaug, it was fantastic.


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