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Gove Gets Half an Idea On Education

Political battles in the classroom | It's still about schools | The Economist

In an interview with an Economist journalist available at http://economist.com/audiovideo/britain, the shadow education spokesperson Michael Gove praised Tony Blair's education reforms while promising that a Conservative government would imitate the Swedish model to allow churches, charities and even groups of parents to open schools without seeking council permission.

Gove also said that urgent reform of the education system will be address the current situation whereby "less than half of Department for Schools, Children and the Family's total expenditure" is "spent in the classroom".

Gove believes that emulating the Swedish system, however, could quickly create 200,000 school places in England. When asked how the Party proposed to fund reforms in a recession, he answered that local authorities will "Look to cut the fat within its own system. Everything from the amount of money spent on maths advisors and school improvement partners to educational consultants. All of this is money that's not being spent in the classroom."


All this could have been had, for the asking and for almost nothing, 30 years ago. But the Torybuggers rejected vouchers.

We would by now have had a mass-working-age-population, that knew what words meant, that was critical, that was sceptical of politiciano-mountebanks, and would never have voted in ZanuLieBorg. Who knows? We might even have left the EU.

As it is, the cesspool is very deep, and it is a long climb out.

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