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Proof that schools' raison d'être is to keep the unemployable off the streets...

Teachers call for a day off for admin - Telegraph

The National Union of Teachers - Britain's biggest classroom union - insist newly-qualified staff should only spend three days out of every five in front of pupils.
It is also calling for the working week to be slashed to 35 hours and a break for any teaching session lasting more than two hours.
The demands come amid claims teachers are being over-worked.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet. - I doubt very much if any NUT member will understand that though...


Hey, it is not just schools. Here is a comment from a minister as reported at the print Telegraph, tho not on-line. I had to type it out.

Could not find on line, so here is the money shot :

Ann Keen, the Health Minister, said "The NHS workforce is now at record levels and has increased by almost 300,000 over the last 10 years
"The NHS is the UK's largest employer and is making a significant contribution to tackling unemployment in the current economic downturn"

Article is DT's p 10, top right, the above is the last 2 paras. Funny, I thought the Health Service was there to serve people's health, not offer employment for the sake of it !

Alan Douglas

NUT members certainly won't know it. Most are prejudiced, of limited intelligence, having read nothing and done nothing. the current cult of recruiting youth rather than experience and running schools as though they are corporations rather than educational establishments is only making matters much worse. A new initiative every month from HMG, or some of its supporting "institutes", just to keep it in the headlines doesn't help, either. A government of philistines is, and has now for sometime, been dumbing down educational content in the interests of targets. It rather reminds me of the
washing machine production targets in 1950s Hungary so essential was it to meet them that there was not enough time to screw machines together so screws had to be hammered in rather than screwed in with the inevitable consequences.

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