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Jews - Forgive and Forget

British war hero to be investigated again for murder of Jewish 'terrorist' - Telegraph

He was a founder member of the SAS, was one of the most decorated officers of the Second World War, and has been hailed as a "legend among fighting men".
The heroism on the battlefield of Major Roy Farran, who died in 2006, earned him a Distinguished Service Order, three Military Crosses, the Croix de Guerre and the American Legion of Merit.
Among other feats, he led a highly successful raid against a German army headquarters in occupied Italy in which senior Reich generals were assassinated and their control over a vital front line thrown into chaos. In a single foray behind the lines in northern France, he led an SAS Jeep squadron which claimed 500 German soldiers killed or wounded, for a loss of just 12 British dead, wounded or taken captive.
But Major Farran's record of service after the war, when he was seconded to the British Section of the Palestine Police, cast a shadow over the rest of his life....

No shadow in my book, there were Jews who were a nasty a bunch of terrorists fighting against the British not only after but actually during the Second World War, and we dealt with them in the way they should be dealt with. As with so many of our terrorist foes in the past we have now elevated them to World Statesmen and officially swept it all under the carpet. Verbum Sapienti, let it lie.


He did his duty.

perhaps he'd like to investigate the letter bomb sent by the Lehi that killed Farran's brother while he's at it. Or doesn't it count if it's done by ex terrorists?

If he was smart he'd have done what we (allegedly) did to a few EOKA terrorists during the Cyprus crisis: wrapped the body in chains and dumped it off the side of a destroyer in the Med.

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