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So that is what you do when I'm out is it! I'm off to my sister's....

Blue movies on expenses: How Jacqui Smith's husband watched pornographic movies... paid for by the taxpayer | Mail Online
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s political future was in jeopardy tonight after it was revealed that her husband used her Commons expenses allowance to pay to watch pornographic films.
Richard Timney, who works as Ms Smith’s Commons adviser, used part of the Minister’s second-homes allowance to pay for the blue movies he watched on a subscription television channel.
The relationship between Ms Smith and her husband was said by Government insiders to be ‘very difficult,’

Oh, what a frabjous day!


It has now been established that the so-called "porn" channels he was looking at were pictures of foreign female politicians :


Can anyone blame him ?

Alan Douglas

Come on, they watched them together or she's just blaming him!

Definitely the best misuse of expenses that I have ever come across (no pun intended).

I am surprised the old boy can even still respond to the sexual prompting, even when aided and abetted by lavish doses of 'artistic views'. This is the unattractive psychological fate of all urbanised State Liberallists, and I daresay of their medicated clientles. This is so entirely regardless of 'party' (spending faction), and it is the pathological result of living at a third or even seventh level of abstraction, from reality. Hypercredentiallism, like all of the hypertensions, is a disease.

It was a legitimate expense, she tasked him with finding new ways to screw the British public.

All the poor sad bugger had to do was to insist that - as he is Jackboots's "Commons Adviser" - he was doing !"qualitative research" into the current outputs of the porn film industry, for the purposes of "advising the Police".

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