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Aaronvitch Fails To See Outside the Westminster Bubble

Our prurience is a disgrace, not the porn films | David Aaronovitch - Times Online
No one seems at all concerned about the privacy element in all this. In newspapers, on television and computer screens we, in our millions, have been shown copies of the bill in question - someone else's bill - itemising the times and dates of the films. In terms of exposure of personal data it is as big a breach as one can imagine, and one designed specifically to “get” the Home Secretary. Nor do I think, as many do, that the morality is covered by the rubric of “it's public money, we should know how every penny is spent”. I cannot see why it would be insufficient if the Commons authorities simply refused to pay the bill, explaining why to the claimant.

In that case David it is time you sniffed the air outside the bubble, you have been sharing the air in there for too long. Come out here and live in the real world.


Amusing, isn't it?

Jacqboot's attempted fraud was tracked down by the sort of surveillance she's only too keen to inflict on the rest of us.

There is only one reason to read Aaronovitch, and that is to find out what the government position is, for he's no more than a party sock-puppet.

So there you have it, the government thinks its none of our business. But of course, everything we do, say or think is their business.

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