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Property is Theft

Queen's friend facing legal action over Royal Deeside right to roam - Scotsman.com News
THE Queen's neighbour at Balmoral has become embroiled in a row over public access to his sprawling country estate, The Scotsman can reveal.
John Gordon, the laird of Abergeldie, whose family have enjoyed a close relationship with the Royal Family for more than 150 years, could face enforcement action under land-reform legislation if he does not make changes to locked gates and stiles on his property.
The 70-year-old, who charges the Queen's Trustees an annual rent to use his grounds for hunting and fishing, has been the subject of numerous protests from members of the public in recent years, with ten complaints made in the past 36 months.

His private land which the socialists have seized without compensation a right to access to. His private land which The Monarch happily pays to access has to be made free to access for hoi polloi. No matter the deer will get out and the sheep frightened, fires lit and fences cut the new masters have decided that property is theft so they will steal it back.


"Right to Roam". Is there a more Orwellian phrase than that?

"Legalised trespass" would be more honest. But the combination of the sentiment of "human right" and the image of the benign practice of "roaming", in the phrase "right to roam" conveys the message that our benevolent rulers have smitten the wrongdoers and unshackled the oppressed to exercise their freedoms.

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