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Students - Remember you don't have to belong to the NUS

NUS wants end to cheap student beer - Times Online

The National Union of Students (NUS) has decided to campaign for alcohol prices to be raised because of concerns about binge drinking. Wes Streeting, the NUS president, said: “Students’ unions work hard to inform their members of the dangers of excessive drinking. But more can be done. ‘All you can drink’ and ‘three for the price of one’ offers encourage students to drink to dangerous levels.”

Wes Streeting, there is a name to watch in the future as he carves out a condescending career nannying, preaching and not trusting the people who pay his wages. When I was at college we voted not to belong to the NUS, Trevor Phillips, the NUS President (I wonder whatever became of him) lectured us on the importance of rejoining and got custard pied. Oh happy days.


In my day the NUS president was a pillock called Straw. Unfortunately for all of us he never gave up student politics.

My own alma mater also opted out of the NUS con. I can't say it spoilt my university experience in the slightest. The only problem I remember it ever causing us was when the NUS called a "strike". We felt honour bound to ensure lecture attendence was 100% on those days.

Not too long ago the NUS lowered its barriers to Open University students and suggested the Open University Students Association might wish to join the NUS. It was pointed out that OUSA outnumbered all the NUS membership and we asked whether the NUS would like to join OUSA. They pulled back from such a deal!

Alan B - an OU student.

"When I was at college we voted not to belong to the NUS"
"My own alma mater also opted out of the NUS con"

Englishman, RM, where were you? I was at ICL and the Union rejected membership of the NUS repeatedly. With the money they saved in tribute to Spartist goons they funded any number of shindigs. The campus bars had among the cheapest beer in London. Happy days!

Students Drinking? Perish the thought! I was a mature student and veteran drinker but these lightweight pettyminded wannabe gauleiters can stick their pint pot where the sun shineth not. Still I suppose ZANU Arbeit has to recruit its next generation of useful fools somewhere.

When I went to University there were stickers all over campus: "The NUS - if it's so good, why is it compulsory?".

I am sad to report that my alma mater opted to join the NUS a couple of years ago, after so many years of glorious independence.
Edinburgh has gone downhill.

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