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ID Cards - No Help fo Heroes

Veterans' ID cards 'will offer priority NHS treatment' - Telegraph

More than four million military veterans could be issued with special "identity cards" giving them priority access to public services and discounts on public transport, the Ministry of Defence said last night

A clever way to get ID Cards out there without us Libertarian Contrarians making a fuss. How could we campaign against Helping Heroes? I suppose we could point out that an ID card isn't needed to establish a fast track in the NHS(if that is what we want to create). Former service men already have NHS records where it is all recorded, all that is needed is stamp them "Priority Treatment". And if you want to give them bus passes, give them bus passes. No this is just another slimy exploitation of "Our Boys" by our authoritarian masters.


I'm glad to see that you have used the expression 'former service men' instead of the American 'veteran' tag which is being wedged into our English language by people who know no different.
I've seen quite a few Ex-Servicemen Clubs but never a Veterans Club

Agree with Haddock, and well done to you for raising this. I fear that lots of bad news and sneaky tricks are getting through under cover of the G20 press.

Cards for veterans, cards for immigrants, cards for university students when they apply for loans - slowly but surely, the government tighten their grip.

Isn't the Socialist Utopia of Great Britain and Northern Ireland supposed to provide public services on the basis of need not status?

We should all expect and demand a decent (but limited) service from the NHS or they should stop taking tax off us to pay for it. Instead the politicians keep fiddling and meddling while the civil service gets fatter and fatter.

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A database state for everyone but MPs (by legal exclusion) and the rich (by paying the fines).

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