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How to Avoid Stamp Duty - Become an MP

MPs claim stamp duty on expenses - Times Online
MPs are avoiding stamp duty of more than £10,000 on second and third homes by claiming it back on their parliamentary expenses.
They are claiming it in addition to furnishings and mortgage interest payments for homes they are allowed to keep after leaving parliament. The exemption from one of Labour’s most unpopular taxes is revealed in more than 1m receipts for MPs’ claims due to be published this summer.
Details of the perk will further inflame public anger over MPs’ funding of private homes at public expense.
Among MPs who claimed a stamp duty refund is Kevin Brennan, a Cabinet Office minister. He bought a flat in London in July 2007 and claimed back stamp duty of £10,200. “I was advised I could claim stamp duty by the authorities and did so for simplicity,” said Brennan, the MP for Cardiff West.

Ten grand for simplicity, of course, why not?


Stamp duty?!??? Jesus Christ, WE threw The Bastards out, O-U-T, two hundred and thirty-three years since for that same horseshit...it was already stale then, and so why DO you put up with it? "No taxation without represenation!" is the saying, and since most of these MPs of yours (like "our" Congress types) today obviously only represent their own fannies and housing allowances, you have a darn good case. For SOMETHING....

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