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Nanny wants you eat only Industrial Food

You want fries with that calorie count? Fast-food giants put diet data on menu - Scotsman.com News

FAST-FOOD outlets and high-street restaurants, including KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut, have agreed to introduce calorie information on their menus.
Cafés in Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury's, Co-op and Waitrose are among the 17 groups that will display calorie information per portion for most food and drink they serve.

FOR many in the catering industry, this is a step too far. When people eat out for leisure and pleasure, do they want to be bombarded with nutritional information? Most people know what foods they should go easy on, writes Bob Cotton,Chief executive of the British Hospitality Association
Eating out in a restaurant means letting go. Calorie-counting menu items is redolent of the nanny-state – one more eye over the diner's shoulder, watching and checking what he's eating.
But there are also technical difficulties, which pose even more serious obstacles. Popular branded restaurants which offer standardised menus can be reasonably certain that the pizza they sell in Edinburgh has the same calories as the pizza they sell in Glasgow or Wick.

But it's far more difficult for an independent restaurateur, who makes up different dishes every day from what's available in the market. Under time and cost pressures, he's not going to have the expertise (which would add cost, because he would have to buy it in), nor the time (which he can't spare) to work out accurately what the calorie count of each individual dish is. And if it's not accurate, how misleading might that be?
At present, it's on a voluntary basis – but voluntary schemes have a habit of becoming compulsory....

So a handmade pizza with a handful of this and a splash of that as wanted would be outlawed in favour of an assembly line product - great.


And they'd better make the meat was not stressed -
*ban sheepdogs*

In some fairness to the company, this may be "at point of slaughter" - as at least one commentor noted, the dogs pictured are not of breeds associated with herding, but rather hunting.

Calorie count is a uselessly broad measure anyway. To be actually useful in diet planning, a more detailed nutritional breakdown is necessary. This costs tens of thousands of pounds per dish and must be done again if a recipe changes in any way. But the Levellers would love that.

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