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Great Speechs

Alan Yentob denies Ronald Reagan a hearing - Telegraph

Hailed as the great communicator in his day, Ronald Reagan was conspicuous by his absence in Alan Yentob's BBC2 programme Yes We Can! The Lost Art of Oratory.
Along with Barack Obama, an inordinate amount of time was given over to such great orators as Neil Kinnock and, I kid you not, Diane Abbott.
Yentob admits the Gipper should have been permitted to have got a word in edgeways. "The problem is we needed someone to talk about him...

No, you didn't - he is quite capable still of speaking for himself...


Neil Kinnock (aka The Welsh Windbag) and ........ Dianne who?
Diane Abbott??!?!?
Sorry, I wouldn't even have thought of her.

I always thought of Ronald Reagan as a man who could find the right word to share with real people, especially at times of difficulty or tragedy. Seems to me he doesn't need an advocate to speak for him.

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