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Battling Barak the Barbarian

comic%20palin.jpgBarack the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli #1

Written by LARRY HAMA Variant cover featuring Red Sarah!

From a far away land rises a mighty hero. The son of peasants from two different realms, the one known only as Barack protects the people of Hope Kingdom at all costs. Watch as he takes on the likes of Boosh the Dim, Red Sarah and Cha-nee the Grim in this hilarious first issue!

Format: Standard Comic, 32 pgs, FC, Saddle Stitched.
Retail Price: $3.50
UPC Code: Cover A – 882142-00197-00101 Cover B – 882142-00197-00102

Now that is how I like to take my politics..



I'm not really sure that the glasses with the fur and dagger really works as a combination. Then again, Palin did have a reputation for extravagant spending on clothes.

I think if that picture had been the campaign poster, we'd have been saying hello to President McCain!

Such a bother, going out for the morning paper, wearing only your knickers, such as they are, and a scarf, and then slipping on the icy drive. I hate when that happens.

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