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70% of Guardian Readers Can't Be Wrong

Poll: Should the Hunting Act be repealed?  guardian.co.uk

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Maybe it's just me but I wasn't able to use the vote button. Perhaps the Grauniad don't like the results of their own survey.

Same here but that doesn't surprise me. However I found this in the comments that cheered me up no end. How can you win any arguments with someone who know so little?

Quote from a previous commenter
Shooting, does not give a clean kill unless the shooter is a marksmen and the range is short. This leaves the fox to die a terrible, slow painful death from gangrene or infection or bleeding to death or even starving to death.
End quote

Well then shoot them with a bullet that would kill them outright. You know, something like the army uses. They tend to not take prisoners.

Duh! i wonder how many people use .222 or .223/5.56 to shoot fox or a 22/250 or a .243 as Lord T says some people probaly think the army still use 303 or 7.62 rifles when in fact they only use 7.62 in sniper rifles or MGs now there is an idea GPMG on fox.

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