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Anjana Ahuja Talks Playground Sense

Are boys naturally violent?

...a toddler intent on waging war, often against an invisible enemy, is an awe-inspiring vision of energy, resourcefulness, creativity and imagination. And yet, to my reckoning, such behaviour is in danger of becoming pathologised. Several mothers at my daughter’s school have stopped going to the local playground because the play has become a bit rough. This includes waving broken branches around (“it could poke someone in the eye”), tearing around at high speed (“someone could get knocked over”) and shouting at younger children (“bullying”).

When a parent explained this to me, I returned an analysis of the situation: yes, there is one boy in this gang of terrors that might have behavioural problems, but they are just young boys letting off steam after a day in the classroom. Boys are a bit more rough and tumble than our girls, I shrugged, and we can always intervene if things go awry.

I might as well have admitted to having had Pol Pot over for dinner.

Attempting to cleanse our playgrounds of aggression is a pointless and, quite possibly, harmful pursuit...

A refreshing blast at the feminisation of childhood.


This is one of the points I have been trying to get over for a while now. For thousands of years we have brought our children up to be responsible adults so much that they produced the society that we live in now. A technological and advanced wonderland. Then along come a bunch of whingey whiney liberals who believe that they can legislate out what is one level up from our genes.

It is screwing up our society to such an extent that we are going backwards.

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