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Wouldn't Lamp Posts be Cheaper?

Hundreds of former council staff net more than £35 million in redundancy payouts from local authority shake-up - Telegraph

In Wiltshire, £5.5 million was spent on redundancy packages for 29 staff...

£190,000 each on average? £190fucking000. We have been sold the reorganisation of our councils down in Wiltshire on the promise it will save money by reducing staff. So I'm not sure whether it is that they have only managed to trim 29 staff or that the 29 staff have had the ratepayers cash so liberally spunked all over them that I find more upsetting.


you're doing well Englishman in the top 100. well done

The thieving bastards have probably had their pension pots topped up, hence the expense.

Hang them. Hang them all, and hang them high.

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