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All Your Emails Are Belong To Us

Dizzy Thinks: Draper's comment about email hacking amused me...
I have now just read Derek Draper defence of the emails from yesterday on Labourlist and this little bit caught my eye.

Imagine if all your emails suddenly became available to people wanting to damage you.

I wonder whether Derek is aware that the Government and party that he supports is actually has an official policy of reading our emails if it wants? Or taking contorl of our computers remotely if it suspects us of something?

Guido is no naive innocent. It was deliberate timing to launch this assault on Downing Street this weekend to fill the holiday news vacuum. Nobody so far has commented on the irony that it was also this week that it became legal for the government to read all our emails.

Only the guilty have anything to fear we hear....Id quot circumiret, circumveniat.


Is he having some trouble composing himself today?

The coward control freaks can read my e mails if they want. Oi bastards, read this. One day the boot will be on the other foot. Everything goes full circle. Everything. You are not in control. Dream that you are, I don't care. One day soon, it'll all come down on your heads.

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