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English Slaves to a Scottish Raj

Gordon Brown forces kids' charity call-up | News | News Of The World
PM Gordon Brown intends to force every teenager in the country to carry out 50 HOURS of work to help the community.
Last year the PM proposed the idea of a National Youth Service, which would channel young volunteers into community work. But now he plans to make it compulsory and include it in Labour's next election manifesto....
"By building from compulsory citizenship studies in the 14-16 curriculum, we can create an expectation of national youth community service."

But, the curriculum is a national competence so you only have power over the English one, and not the one that is in force in your constituency. So forget all the talk of bringing the whole nation together, what you are proposing is for a Scottish Raj to compel English youths to work as directed without pay, in a way those who elect them don't have to. There used to be a word for that.


There is two words for it "cheeky bastards"

There seems to be a basic flaw here ... since when do 'voluntary' and 'compulsory' go together!

There is two words for it "cheeky bastards"
I can think of one words for it mate. It begins with an A and ends with N!

I think it'll help the English. Every English nationalist can shout "they're attacking our innocent, little kids" from the rooftops. The kids will grow up remembering it. What will be the outcome? I see a huge fire growing and growing. I s'pose that's the trouble with self-rightous, self-centred, narsissists. They cannot see what they're building because they don't have the capacity to see things from other people's viewpoints. Carry on Brown, Blair, Hain, Mandygirl, Prescott. Carry on.

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