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MSPs Against Vermin Cull, Professional Solidarity?

Wanted: High-fliers, £40k, for Holyrood pest control (but killers need not apply) - Scotsman.com News

SINCE the Scottish Parliament building was opened in 2004, its officials have been battling against constant bombardment from winged menaces.
Now Holyrood bosses have finally admitted the only way to tackle the pigeons and stop them fouling the building is to introduce their own air force. They have asked falconers to tender for what could be a £40,000 contract to chase off the pigeons.

But the idea, originally conceived by independent Lothians MSP Margo MacDonald, has been taken up on the condition that the bird of prey used does not actually kill any pigeons.

There had been concerns that visiting schoolchildren might be shocked by the sight of a hawk tearing a bird apart.

Apart from it being far more honest, healthier and less stomach churning to watch a hawk at work then politicians doesn't that pathetic contract rider say all that needs to be said about the spineless nonentities at Holyrood.


If they were serious about getting rid of pests, they wouldn't have elected the SNP.

lol, can people that stupid really be running Scotland

Not kill???

Trained hawks/falcons etc (eg cormorants for fishing) are trained to refrain from eating the kill: where have these people been for the last three thousand years or so? Just how else are birds of prey supposed to deal with the pigeons? Turn on flashing lights and pull them over to the kerb?

So what are the birds of prey supposed to do? Use harsh language? Birds of prey KILL pigeons, it is what they eat! Do the green idiots think they eat flying tofu?

haha this article made me laugh! I'm not sure how a trained hawk is supposed to get rid of their Pigeon problem but it would be funny to see.

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