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Hunting for the Artist


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So let's clear up the technicalities. Someone created a new blog at wordpress.com, under the ID 'aredrag' at 4:24pm GMT on Tuesday 4 November - a free service with a minimally intrusive registration form. On the same day, before or after, someone using the pseudonym Ollie Cromwell registered the domain name 'theredrag.co.uk' - a tenner for two years through easily.co.uk. They then paid wordpress.com the $15/year fee to run a wordpress.com-hosted site under a different domain name. The site itself consists of a standard Kubrick template, with only the default 'Hello world!' post visible. It has a (very rough) custom header graphic, but beyond that, it's as 'out of the box' as it could be. To me, it suggests someone who knows what they're doing online; and in the right hands, it could have taken only a few minutes.

The flag image is from wikimedia commons, which also shows some web knowledge, but why put all the heading texts in the graphic? Reminds me of something....


In order to pay for this site it would have been necessary to use a debit or credit card. Whose card was used?

What an appropriate nanme for such a blog - The Red Rag, - didn't it used to be a monthly publication called 'The Curse'?

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