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Jacqui Smith's hyperbolic civil servants.

Mandarins under fire over arrest of top Tory Damian Green - Times Online
A parliamentary report concludes that senior civil servants overstated the significance of the leaks to persuade police to investigate the Tory MP and raid his Commons office.
It condemns as “hyperbolic” a claim made in a letter from the Cabinet Office that the leaks had caused considerable damage to national security.
A letter from Chris Wright, director of security and intelligence in the Cabinet Office, to Scotland Yard said that leaks from the Home Office between 2007 and 2008 had caused considerable damage to national security.
The letter was written after discussions with Sir David Normington, the top civil servant in the Home Office.
Ms Smith, the Home Secretary, and Sir David, her permanent secretary, had not been able to find the source of the leaks. Sir David admitted that he and Ms Smith expressed their anger and frustration when the leaks appeared in newspapers.

Luckily Sir David and Chris Wright are civil servants and not politically motivated in anyway and would have resisted any pressure from Jacqui to over egg it, wouldn't they?
I note the Home Office is going to hold yet another review, their answer to everything. I have a feeling that the Tories are going to want quicker answers.


It started with "lying"
moved on to "economical with the truth"
and now it's "hyperbole" ...

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