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Plod Don't Want Photos

Man questioned under terrorism law after taking picture of police car in park (From Enfield Independent)
Mr Sleath claimed the car was being driven on the footpath, causing pedestrians to get out of the way and also caused damage to the grass.
As the acting chairman of the Friends of Town Park, Mr Sleath said he took the picture to back up anecdotal evidence that cars were damaging the park at future meetings with the parks police sergeant.
But the officers in the car were not happy. Mr Sleath said a PCSO told him that under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 he was not allowed to take photographs of police officers and vehicles.
( Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows the police to stop and search anyone they suspect is a terrorist threat. The newer Section 76 of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 aims to prevent people gathering information, including photographs, of the police or armed forces which could be used by terrorists. Anyone found guilty could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison, and given a fine.)
Mr Sleath was detained while the PCSO checked his identity using his driver's licence and filled out a form. He said: "That's the sort of reaction you get when you're living in a police state. It was completely bogus.

Protesters have turned the tables on Big Brother state - Times Online If, in future, police use the controversial section 76 of the new Counter Terrorism Act to stop people taking pictures of officers during demonstrations, that would be a dangerous abuse of power.


Once again a Police Canteen Support Office shows that he does not understand the law and what powers he has.

I thought that you were not required to identify yourself if a Section 44 search is carried out though they will get your details from your wallet - watch out for anything bought on yor credit card :=)

Yup, definitely a terrorist.

"That's the sort of reaction you get when you're living in a police state. It was completely bogus.

Uhhh... I think he missed the "shoe fits" memo.

Myself, I just see the growing need for smaller, less-obtrusive cameras...

The correct response when accosted by a Plastic Copper (PCSO) while going about your lawful business is: "bugger off, sonny." They have no powers of arrest - the most they can do is summon a real policeman who will probably tell them not to be a numpty.

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