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Snoop Doggy Dog

BBC NEWS | Politics | Council 'snooping power' reviewed
Councils in England and Wales should not use surveillance powers to target minor offences such as dogs fouling pavements, the home secretary has said.
Jacqui Smith was speaking as the Home Office launched a review of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.
Ms Smith said the government had to protect people's freedom "from interference by those who would do us harm".

Protect our freedom by restricting it to prevent our freedom being restricted is what I think she means.

Is there anything that passes Jacqui's desk that doesn't cause a review to be set up? She is paid to make bloody decisions, how about making one for a change. What fun it must be in the Smith household. Toast or Muesli? I'll set up a review into breakfast choices. Black shoes or brown, we need to consider the sensitivities of the communities I will be visiting and so I have set up a review. Shall we go out for a meal or an evening in on the sofa...


At least that explains why her hubby takes matters into his own hands. Boom Boom.

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