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Whatever happened to the heroes?

'I used icepick to take Somali pirate hostage' says sailor - Times Online
A.T.M. “Zahid” Reza told reporters on his return to America that he had captured the pirate, “Abdul”, with Mike Perry, the ship’s chief engineer.
“I was attempting to kill him,” Mr Reza said. “Chief engineer said, ‘No, no, no, don’t. We need him alive.’ ” Mr Reza, from Connecticut, has been praised by shipmates for his bravery during the high-seas drama that ended with US navy snipers shooting dead three pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips hostage in a lifeboat.

If you are of a certain age reading that story awakens this earworm...


Never fear, HMG will be there to protect you. Expect ice picks to be added to the list of items freeborn Englishmen are prohibited from possessing.

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